Modern percussion instruments made in Spain


Much more than Flamenco!
NEVADA Cajon box drums, handmade in Spain, are coming from traditional Andalusian makers, refreshing design and functionality.
Have a look at our modern professional Cajons!

Our handpan makers are specialized for over years to this artisan profession. They produce hangs in nitrided and in stainless steel, from 8 to 10 and even to how many notes you want to have. High quality and awsome sound! See our handpan offer in the shop.

This modern instrument is a wooden tongue drum, made from quality tone wood and with the perfect tunings for best sound. Several pentatonic scales are available in our shop. Nowadays we are working on new chromatic tongue drums – coming soon…

snare drums solid wood

Handcrafted solid wood snare drums with best quality components and manufactured in STAVE system. You will be blowed away from how powerfull they sound. You can choose the wood and dimension for your drum.

Drum shells from solid wood in STAVE system. Custom bending edges and dimensions.

traditional drums solid wood

Our traditional drums for Folk music, manufactured with double wood layer or with solid wood in STAVE for best sound and durability.

Artisan handmade from Spanish professionals. Square panderos, tambourins and antique music drums. Special instruments of special quality. Have a look at them in our shop.

Accessories and complements from NEVADA brand, available in our shop.

NEVADA offers traditional and modern percussion instruments combining an awesome design and extraordinary finishings with an outstanding sound quality.

NEVADA is a new brand and represents high class musical instruments. They all are handmade entirely in Spain, by speciallized makers.
The brand is new but the manufacurers have decades of experience. They are working for years with full dedication to the handcrafted construction of cajon drums, tradicional drums and melodic percussion instruments. Some of the makers are musicians, knowing well which musically skills are needed for performances.
In any case, the outstanding sonority and quality of NEVADA products are due in large part to the close collaboration between the manufacturer and the musicians who are familiarised with different music styles.


For instance, the NEVADA Cajon design is singular, pure, essential and harmonic. All box-drums have a wide acoustic repertoire that proves the high quality of their manufacturing.
You can amplify all models with external technology.


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