Modern percussion instruments!!

Our joung brand NEVADA will expose on the international trade fair in Germany, MUSIKMESSE FRANKFURT.
April 1st to 4th, 2020 – Booth: 3.0 D15

We are renewing the image of the classic Flamenco Cajon drum
by adding utility and design.

NEVADA offers modern percussion instruments combining
an awesome design, extraordinary finishings with an outstanding sound quality.

The NEVADA brand represents professional box-drums and other high class musical instruments. They all are handmade in Spain, by speciallized makers.
The brand is new but the manofacurers has decades of experience with full dedication to the handcrafted construction of Cajon drums, tradicional drums and melodic percussion. Some of the makersa ar as well musicians, knowing well what musically skills are needed for performances.

In any case, the outstanding sonority and ergonomics of NEVADA products are due in large part to the close collaboration between the manufacturer and the musicians who are familiarised with different music styles.

The NEVADA Cajon design is singular, pure, essential and harmonic. All box-drums have a wide acoustic repertoire that reflects the high quality of their manufacturing. You can amplify all models with external technology.

The most economic NEVADA box drum
NEVADA Beanie caps. Combine with some Cajon models.

ARRAN Handpans, top quality made in Spain

Available scales:

Celtic Minor, 9 notes
C# Celtic Minor, D Celtic Minor, E Celtic Minor, F# Celtic Minor
Aegean, 9 notes
C# Aegean, D Aegean, F Aegean
Aeolian, 9 notes
C# Aeolian, D Aeolian, Eb Aeolian, E Aeolian, F# Aeolian 9, Ab Aeolian 9
Chao Guo, 9 notes
D Chao Guo, E Chao Guo, F# Chao Guo
Equinox, 9 notes
D Equinox, E Equinox, F Equinox, F# Equinox, A Equinox
Hijaz, 9 notes
Eb Hijaz, E Hijaz, F# Hijaz, Ab Hijaz, Eb Hijaz Kar, E Hijaz Kar, F Hijaz Kar, G Hijaz Kar, Ab Hijaz Kar
Insen 8 notes
C# Insen, D Insen 8, E Insen
Integral 8/9 notes
C# Integral 9 notes, D Integral 8 notes, D Integral 9 notes, 
E Integral 9 notes, F Integral 9 notes
Jibuk, 9 notes
Eb Jibuk, E Jibuk, F# Jibuk, A Jibuk
Kurd, 9 notes
C Kurd, C# Kurd (también llamado C# Anaziska), D Kurd, E Kurd, F# Kurd
La Sirena, 9 notes
D La Sirena, E La Sirena, F La Sirena, F# La Sirena, La Sirena
Magic Voyage, 8 notes
F Magic Voyage, F# Magic Voyage
Major, 9/10 notes
D Major 9 notes, 
D Major 10 notes, E Major 9 notes, F Major 9 notes (two versions)
Melog Selisir, 9 notes
E Melog Selisir, G Melog Selisir, Ab Melog Selisir
Mystic, 8 notes
F Mystic, F# Mystic
Mixolydian, 9 notas
D Mixolydian, E Mixolydian, 
F Mixolydian
Oxalis, 9 notes
G Oxalis
Pygmy 9 notes
E Pygmy, F# Pygmy
Raga Desh (Binnha), 9 notes
C# Raga Desh, D Raga Desh, E Raga Desh
Romanian Hijaz, 9 notes
E Romanian Hijaz, F Romanian Hijaz, F# Romanian Hijaz

Warm and vibrating sound from wooden tongue drums

Tongue drums are fashion!
We offer them in wood which leads to a very nice, warm and hypnotizing sound. They are handmade from best quality tone woods.

Working out the tuning of the tongues is not an easy job for the makers.

Our tongue drums are very precisely tuned in its respective scales. This procedure determines a huge part of the instruments’ value.
We offer pentatonic scales, easy to learn and to use by people who are not experts in that term.

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