About us

NEVADA – another brand on the market!

The decision to launch a new brand of percussion instruments did not just come from the rational mind. NEVADA was also born from the soul.
With a tremendous amount of motivation, a virgin brand was created that would represent musical instruments designed, developed and produced in a variety of small factories.
The instruments are handcrafted, with calm, with attention to detail and with a sense of responsibility for quality. Their creators are individuals, artisans, artists, engineers, musicians, … who all have one thing in common: They love their work and have the deep desire to create a counterpoint against the mass production from Asia and other parts of the world, which are flooding the global market.

All NEVADA brand instruments are 100% handmade in Spain. The employed materials and the processing methods are as environmently friendly as possible. The timbers used for the instruments are certified and come mostly from Mediterranean areas or from regulated forestry in Scandinavia and Russia (for example birchwood).

The NEVADA brand wants to support a social and economic development whereby local manufacturers and craft enterprises in European countries can create a niche for their products in the international market. Local production and economy has to assert itself against giant enterprises and monopolies in order not to be completely displaced.
NEVADA wants to help in establish and stabilize European craftsmanship with high quality standards to strengthen the overall market.