Txalaparta (small size) – Spanish Basque percussion

259,00 Spanish TAX incl.

The Txalaparta is a traditional percussion instrument from the Basque province of northern Spain. It is constructed of 4 wooden boards that are supported by a stable construction. Under each board is put an insulating rubber material. How to play: Two people hold each 2 strong wooden sticks vertically and hit the boards with rhythm.

Education and fun for children
This Txalaparta is smaller than the original ones. It is a funny and useful instrument for early childhood education, in schools or workshops. Because of its handy size you can play it in any room.


All solid woods. Stand made of beech wood. Boxwood batons. Oak, beech, redwood and wenge beams.
Measures: 40 cm (wide) x 44 cm (high) x 58 cm (long).
Standing on the floor, it is best for children of 6 to 8 aged. Older children can put the Txalaparta on a low table.



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